Rad Livin’: Meet Hayley Shaw-McGuinness

Monday // July 28 // 2014

Photo by Stella Crick
(Photos by Stella Crick)

Hayley is one of a kind.

She’s that person that you see and can’t help but smile because her love for life is undeniably infectious. As an author, world triathlete and co-creator of Shesurfs, she inspires women to be healthy, fit and shine like stars.

Meet Hayley Shaw-McGuinness…

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Collaboration: What it Means to Show Up

Thursday // July 24 // 2014

Showing up authentically

A concept that’s not often talked about, but was one of the biggest turning points in my blogging journey is the idea of deciding to show up; showing up for myself, my truth and for something that I would love to be doing. Showing up can often involve some fear, but it is one of the most exciting, stretching things you can do for yourself and those around you (and can actually be fun).

My friend Nickie Linaire recently reached out to pass along a collaborative initiative to shine a light on what it means to show up. This collaboration is here to serve as an open dialogue around how it’s possible to acknowledge the fear, and show up for yourself anyway. I had the chance to answer her heart-felt questions below that took me right back to California, when Don’t Tell Summer first began- it was fun, free, and I was holding back.

Ready, set? Let’s show up…

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Rad Livin’: Meet Joanna Waterfall

Thursday // July 17 // 2014

Joanna Waterfall

I don’t even remember how I landed on The Yellow Conference because it was one of those internet searching days where you just feel like you are being led. The splash of yellow across the screen drew me in, but scrolling down and seeing what was next was when I really got chills…

“Are you a creative lady who wants to change the world? You’ve come to the right place.”

Tick. Tick. What is this thing?

“The Yellow Conference is a gathering for creative women who desire to ignite passion and bring goodness to the world through everyday living.”

There was going to be passionate, world-changing speakers, a network of like-minded people and it was going to be in California… it literally felt like I had just found the Coachella for young people who want to create good in the world. I had to know who was behind it, and that’s what I did.

Meet Joanna Waterfall…

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Think For The Life You Love

Tuesday // July 8 // 2014

zeal optics in Australia

When I was in University my best friend would always say, “Dress for the job you want.” Well I was living in America and the job that I wanted was in Australia. Wearing converse and a swimsuit was, still is, how I felt comfortable but I knew what she meant. If I embodied the energy of what I want in my current situation, I would bring what I wanted into my life.

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Permission to Show up For Your Dreams

Thursday // July 3 // 2014

permission to show up for your dreams

Are you giving yourself permission to show up for yourself? To show up for your dreams and passions, knowing that you have your own back? Permission is one of the main things that we need in order to feel comfortable going for what we want. Whether it’s permission to go for something, or let go of something, we feel instant relief when we feel like we are allowed to.

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Let What Lights You Up Do So

Tuesday // June 3 // 2014

olivia donttellsummer

We’re powerful creators when we’re passionate about what we want, but a big part of creating what you want is allowing yourself to accept it when it actually comes in.

Believe that what you are working towards will actually happen.

Often we put in the work, gather up the good energy and when it happens we’re in shock. It’s as if we didn’t believe the power within ourselves and so we can’t believe that this power created something that we would love to have in our lives. Putting in the work isn’t actually the hard part, it’s believing that it will happen, especially if it’s something that you’ve never had or done before.

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Rad Livin’: Meet Anna Ehrgott

Tuesday // May 27 // 2014

Anna Ehrgott

Anna is adventurous, humble and full of light. She’s the girl you call who would drop all plans for a road trip up the coast, any time of the year. She’s a go-getter, surfer and nature-lover.

She paired her eco-surf lifestyle with her creative passions into an entirely eco-friendly brand, Sagebrush Board Bags. The bags are made of half coffee bean sack, half thick fabric and all of the fabrics are upcycled or vintage.

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How to go for what you want, while allowing what’s meant to be, be.

Thursday // May 22 // 2014

What's meant to be will be

You can still believe that what’s meant to be will be, while being a mover and shaker. You can still allow what’s aligned for you to happen, while being the one to show up and see if it is. I made peace with the fact that having something that I love to do is in alignment enough; It’s enough to go out and not make it happen, but show up so that it can happen. I like to kick the door open.

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