Rad Livin’: Meet Meg O’Sullivan

Thursday // August 14 // 2014

Meg O'Sullivan adventuring home

Meg is vibrant. Warm. A rebel with an adventuring cause.

I don’t know if I want to run up to Brisbane to give her a hug or to laugh at anything and everything with her.

When I think of someone who is going for what they love to do, Meg is it. She’s inclusive, real and has taken some pretty big risks; including starting her own business through Adventuring Home. The interesting thing about risks, which she’ll give you insight into, is when you are doing something that you love it doesn’t even feel like a risk, but that you are being supported and guided towards your bliss.

Meet Meg O’Sullivan…

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Why you should just take the day off and travel

Sunday // August 10 // 2014

Why you should take the day off and travel

Travel always seemed to be a precious highlight that would only happen every once and awhile; I would crave it, and then wait for it to arrive. I always thought that a lot of planning was necessary and that I was only allowed to take work or University off at certain times of the year. This is until I learned why it’s important to just take the day off and go.

If you’re not going to go now, then when?

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Rad Livin’: Meet Nathalie Kossek

Thursday // August 7 // 2014

Nathalie Kossek - Davy Blog

One word comes to mind when I think of Nathalie Kossek, raw.

The way that she expresses her truth on her blog, Davy, is rare. She shares how she experiences the world with such openness that there’s rebelliousness to it. You feel her truth and know that she’s sharing it all; putting it all on the table.

Davy is inspired by surf and Southern California. (Ahh, felt at home at first glance.)

She weaves her passions for the outdoors and style effortlessly, with playlists that will make you stop, listen and utter the words: This. Girl. Is. Legit.

Originally from the Mid West, Nati adventured to LA to pursue her passions and live life to the fullest.

Meet Nathalie Kossek…

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Doing what you love for a living (part 2)

Tuesday // August 5 // 2014


Why try to force yourself into something that’s already been created, when what your soul is searching for is something that you will create?

Are you looking for jobs that you believe are already out there; ones that already exist in a certain field? Why not try doing what you love?

I went on interview after interview in agency after agency, but what I didn’t realize was that I was looking for jobs that already existed, when I really didn’t want something that was by the book. I wanted something that was so authentically me; made for me. It’s great when you can find something to do that matches, or is gosh darn close, what you love to do, but what if you want to create what you do? What if you don’t want just a good match, but your match? What’s important to remember is that there are endless possibilities and that you can create your own job, even within an already established company. You can create something that you love, something that utilizes your unique talents and something that feels completely aligned and heart-driven. Continue Reading…

Doing what you love for a living (Part 1)

Monday // August 4 // 2014

Doing what you love for a living

One of the most important things you can do is get clear on what your dream is. I mean feel it, see it and love it.

In the Doing what you love for a living series, we’ll look at whether you need to be doing what you love for a living, how to get through the transition of figuring out what you would love to do with financial ease, speaking up about what your dreams are, and then in Part 2 we’ll craft how you can create a job that you would love at the company of your dreams. Continue Reading…