Rad Livin': Meet Cloe Lane

Saturday // September 27 // 2014

Cloe Lane Bon Puf

You know when you come across something that is so unique and creatively inspired, that you instantly know that it’s coming straight from someone’s heart? That’s exactly how I felt when I came across Cloe Lane’s cotton candy cart, Bon Puf.

Bon Puf is an organic, all-natural cotton candy cart that has attended its fair share of parties; everywhere from private gatherings to weddings to street fairs to Coachella. Cloe has come up with unique, tasty flavours like Mango Chili, Chai Tea and Honey Rose… (yum!) and she’s sharing how the idea first came about, and how she went about making it a reality.

Meet Cloe Lane…

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Creating new, close relationships

Sunday // September 21 // 2014

Creating new friendships

When you’re looking to form new, authentically-rad relationships either in a new place, or in the area you’ve always been in, it can be tough to do so when you’re in your head about it. This is because when you’re searching for those relationships by using your head, you might be out doing things that don’t feel right to you, in hopes of meeting someone new and forming a close relationship with them.

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Making Changes: Bringing what you love about one adventure into the next

Monday // September 15 // 2014

Making Changes: Bringing what you love about one adventure into the next

Sometimes when change occurs it feels like we are starting over, or starting from a blank slate. Sometimes that feels freeing, while other times it brings up more fear than we bargained for. Change doesn’t have to mean that one part of your journey ends and the other begins; it’s an evolution of your story, your adventure, and you can bring parts that you love about one adventure into the next. Bringing forward the parts that you love, or the lessons that you’ve learned, helps the transition be smoother and filled with more joy.

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