How to be comfortable wherever you are

Thursday // August 28 // 2014

How to be comfortable wherever you are

This post originally appeared on Dirtbag Darling, where I am a Wellness and Travel contributor.

Adventure seekers crave to experience new places. When you know that this way of living is temporary, it’s easier to feel comfortable with the unknown. But what if adventure seeking is something that you want as a lifestyle? What if you want to be a Dirtbag Darling every day? When you want a life full of adventure, there’s a balance that you crave that’s mixed into wanting to feel wildly grounded. Feeling uncomfortable with going into the unknown for an extended period of time isn’t going to work, because adventure seeking is meant to be filled with joy and excitement. This is why it’s important to feel grounded in new experiences and as comfortable within the unknown as you can, so that you can fully enjoy them. Train your comfort muscle by practicing these four things on your next adventure.

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Rad Livin’: Meet Meg O’Sullivan

Thursday // August 14 // 2014

Meg O'Sullivan adventuring home

Meg is vibrant. Warm. A rebel with an adventuring cause.

I don’t know if I want to run up to Brisbane to give her a hug or to laugh at anything and everything with her.

When I think of someone who is going for what they love to do, Meg is it. She’s inclusive, real and has taken some pretty big risks; including starting her own business through Adventuring Home. The interesting thing about risks, which she’ll give you insight into, is when you are doing something that you love it doesn’t even feel like a risk, but that you are being supported and guided towards your bliss.

Meet Meg O’Sullivan…

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Why you should just take the day off and travel

Sunday // August 10 // 2014

Why you should take the day off and travel

Travel always seemed to be a precious highlight that would only happen every once and awhile; I would crave it, and then wait for it to arrive. I always thought that a lot of planning was necessary and that I was only allowed to take work or University off at certain times of the year. This is until I learned why it’s important to just take the day off and go.

If you’re not going to go now, then when?

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Rad Livin’: Meet Nathalie Kossek

Thursday // August 7 // 2014

Nathalie Kossek - Davy Blog

One word comes to mind when I think of Nathalie Kossek, raw.

The way that she expresses her truth on her blog, Davy, is rare. She shares how she experiences the world with such openness that there’s rebelliousness to it. You feel her truth and know that she’s sharing it all; putting it all on the table.

Davy is inspired by surf and Southern California. (Ahh, felt at home at first glance.)

She weaves her passions for the outdoors and style effortlessly, with playlists that will make you stop, listen and utter the words: This. Girl. Is. Legit.

Originally from the Mid West, Nati adventured to LA to pursue her passions and live life to the fullest.

Meet Nathalie Kossek…

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