Making Changes: Bringing what you love about one adventure into the next

Monday // September 15 // 2014

Making Changes: Bringing what you love about one adventure into the next

Sometimes when change occurs it feels like we are starting over, or starting from a blank slate. Sometimes that feels freeing, while other times it brings up more fear than we bargained for. Change doesn’t have to mean that one part of your journey ends and the other begins; it’s an evolution of your story, your adventure, and you can bring parts that you love about one adventure into the next. Bringing forward the parts that you love, or the lessons that you’ve learned, helps the transition be smoother and filled with more joy.

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Rad Livin': Meet Christine Donaldson

Thursday // September 11 // 2014

Christine Donaldson

Christine Donaldson is a bright light.

She’s full of passion, craves adventure and goes for the things that light up her soul. She’s a singer-songwriter, a big mountain skier and has heart-filled advice on making your dreams not only a possibility, but a reality.

Meet Christine Donaldson…

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What to do when doing what you love doesn’t seem possible right now

Saturday // September 6 // 2014

Doing what you love is possible

When summer hits you can feel it. Everyone is talking about it and you literally want to scream with joy because finally it feels like freedom. All of those trips that you’ve been dreaming of taking and all of those things that you would love to be doing not only seem like a possibility, but feel like a reality. In the summer, we can do what we love, go where we want to go and see who we want to see. We can travel, explore, relax and ultimately do exactly what we have been waiting to do; something that we love. Doing something that you love is one of the greatest things you can do on this planet. It’s freeing, it’s blissful and of course… filled with love. However, because it’s love for doing something, what if you aren’t able to do what you love for a period of time?

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Rad Livin': Meet Brinkley Davies

Wednesday // September 3 // 2014

Brinkley Davies

One word comes to mind when I think of Brinkley Davies, passion; Passion for creative pursuits, the ocean, and helping the world around us. At a young age, she’s taken risks to follow her dreams, so that she can do what she loves every day. She’s open, honest and giving beautiful insight into her life as a surfing, modeling marine biologist.

Meet Brinkley…

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