DTS started in 2012 in a small college town in Orange County, California to inspire our generation to do what we would love to do now, rather than waiting for some point the future.

Our founder Olivia was going back and forth between Australia and California and kept missing Summer.  While she missed one of her favourite seasons, she finally felt like she wasn’t waiting for anything; to be herself and to do what she would love to do.

She launched donttellsummer.com as a platform to share her story and others’ stories of doing what they love now in hopes to inspire people to do the same.

#RadLivin Event

Rad Livin’ stories have been a main feature on the blog since the beginning. These stories are interviews of rad young people doing what they love all year round. 

We wanted a way to bring that to life and #RadLivin was created. #RadLivin is a unique event created to inspire you to do what you love now. It brings together Speakers, Live Music and rad like-minded people to get inspired, share their dreams, and celebrate living life to the fullest.

#RadLivin is about like-minded going for their dreams, and encouraging the person next to them to do the same. Through #RadLivin, a community has grown globally filled with people who want to do what they love now, are doing what they love now, and who are inspiring the people around them to do the same.