Get outside of your comfort zone, asap

Thursday // June 8 // 2017

get outside of your comfort zone


Musical auditions in the 5th grade.

Asking a guy to a school dance.

Stepping onto the plane for an unknown adventure.

I went for it. I went for it hard. I went for it open-hearted and ready for new possibilities.

When you hear the words ‘go for it’ that could mean anything for you and changes from person to person. You might hear ‘go for it’ and you think of the person you want to say I love you to for the first time. You might hear ‘go for it’ and that means quit the job and book the flight.

We all have different ideas that we attach the idea of ‘going for it’ to. But let me ask you this, have you stopped ‘going for it’? 

I’ve had times in my life when I stopped going for it. The energy became stagnant; I no longer took leaps or risks. Even worse, I sometimes tricked myself into thinking that I had taken so many risks that I couldn’t bare to take another one again. Too scared to open my heart up, too scared to say yes to a multitude of things.

I had forgotten what it felt like to go into the unknown, and that was the problem.

My list above: the musical auditions, asking a guy to a school dance, and stepping onto the plane for an unknown adventure have something in common. They happened one after the other (with a few years in between). I didn’t feel the courage to finally step onto the plane and go on a completely unknown adventure because It was the first time I had taken a leap, I had the courage because it was my 10th, 12th, 20th or so time.

If you feel your energy getting stagnant or that you don’t feel ready to take a risk or say yes to something, say yes to anything that feels unknown or outside your comfort zone (with discernment of course). But say YES. Go into the unknown.

Get comfortable saying yes to things you’d love to do, without knowing if it will all work out. It often works out better or takes you on a different path; one that is more meant for you than you could imagine. Just start saying yes. When you get out of your comfort zone, you get out of your own way and change up your energy while opening yourself up for new possibilities to come in.

The big leaps don’t happen by chance, they happen because there were a series of other leaps behind it.

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#RadLivin 2017 – Video Recap

Tuesday // June 6 // 2017

On March 11th  in Sydney, we held our second annual #RadLivin Festival. Over 350 incredible, like-minded people came in from all over to get connected, be inspired and celebrate living life to the fullest. The day started out with talks from our speakers – The speakers were 7 down-to-earth, successful individuals who are doing what they love and passionate about inspiring others to do the same. Attendees heard stripped-back stories about how they went for their dreams and gained applicable knowledge on how they can do what they love too.

After the speakers was live music by Dusty Boots and Nathan Hawes and space for attendees to connect and collaborate.

Watch the recap video below filmed by Rui Assis.


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Manifesting Your Dreams, Even If There’s Fear

Tuesday // May 30 // 2017



Ever since I was a little girl, I believed that I was a great manifester. Those around me, myself included, called it “luck.” As I grew older and dived into self development and blogs of the likes of Vienda Maria, Rebecca Campbell and Gabriele Bernstein, I knew there was so much more than ‘luck’ involved.

It was about being aligned with what I wanted. Being aligned with what’s meant for me. What started out as manifesting the win of a beanie baby at discovery zone ( a kid’s game centre in Columbus, Ohio), turned into manifesting new adventures, moving countries and a holding a festival in Sydney.

When I was eight, manifesting something like a stuffed animal was quite easy, even though I had to hit multiple jack pots at the games (something that the staff said they couldn’t believe I did). To me it seemed like an exciting task: I saw something, I knew it was possible without question, and I went for it. The older I got, and the bigger the potential risks of ‘going for it’ became, the more fear came in. I had thoughts like, “What if it doesn’t work out?” “Am I making the right choice?” and “Is this even possible?”

I’ve learned that having an awareness of your patterns can help you greatly as you move throughout your path. My pattern tends to be that I am very intuitive, and sometimes I mistake fear with my intuition telling me not to do something. The first time I consciously experienced this was when I landed in Sydney in 2010. I was with my family, getting ready to go to Study Abroad orientation in Cairns and I froze. Not just froze, I hid; in our hotel room. I was riddled with fear that was unshakeable.

As I was about to step into the unknown, I realised that not only was the experience of Studying Abroad in Australia unknown, my life and future felt unknown. Would I go back to University in California after? What does my new present and future look like? It paralysed me to the point that I felt knots in my stomach. Usually this is where I feel my intuition, and so every part of me said this was a red flag and that I seriously should not study abroad. It didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel that I was prepared. After sitting with it for a few days and talking endlessly with the people I trust, I realised that the feeling wasn’t an alarm going off like I thought it was (my intuition telling me to run home) it was an alarm saying, “you’re afraid.”

I decided to let the fear go, and jumped into the unknown, even though it wasn’t easy, I’m so glad that I did. About an hour into orientation, I met one of my best friends and began an adventure that was one of the best things I could’ve ever done and has shaped where I am today. Literally, where I am today. 7 years later, and I live in Sydney.

When manifesting, fears and beliefs come up. Thoughts or subconscious beliefs that we didn’t even realise. By becoming aware of these fears, you can move forward towards what you want. I’ve often noticed that ours fears around something that we want are fears of it working out.

As Marianne Williamson puts it, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

I can’t think of anything more true.

When I started to create #RadLivin (The festival I hold in Sydney) I knew there was fear around something I wanted to manifest when the thing that I wanted wasn’t showing up. Whether it was a speaker or bringing on a brand to sponsor the event, for each thing that I wanted to manifest, I looked as to whether there were any fears around accepting each into my space and into the event.

I first learned how to do this through the Manifest More E-Course by Vienda Maria. If you’re wanting to create something or manifest something, I highly recommend it. 

After bringing to light the fears that I had, I was able to acknowledge each one and move past it. I ended up manifesting everything that was needed for the event and more. As I continue to say yes to the unknown, I remind myself to feel the fear and move forward.

What are you wanting to say yes to? Are you making a change, saying yes to something you’d love to do? Share it with us in the comments below. X

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A Positive Movement of Passionate Change: OceanZen

Monday // May 29 // 2017

Steph Gabriel Ocean Zean - ING Dreamstarter


Steph Gabriel, founder of Oceanzen, was first introduced to us when she arrived at the inaugural #RadLivin in Sydney. Full of passion and a desire for change, she continued to create her sustainable swimwear label, OceanZen. After hearing about ING Direct Dreamstarter program at #RadLivin 2017, she decided that it was time to grow her brand even bigger and produce a larger impact on the world while inspiring others to do the same. She’s currently crowdfunding HERE to create massive change – saving the world one bikini at a time!


Words of inspiration from Steph Gabriel on how you can make a positive impact too: 

“Right now, a movement is happening, whether you know it or not. We are millennials, change makers, rule breakers. We are all about change. Change for human rights and change for environmental responsibility. Every corner you turn, every social media post, someone is voicing their opinion for change – a change to make the world a better place.

My opinion for environmental change has lead me on an incredible adventure over the last 7 years and it all began when I packed my bags and left Sydney in 2009, to wander the world for 3 endless years. During that time I ended up on a small Caribbean island and lived a lifestyle of complete utter bliss, what commonly is referred to island life. My day job was working with wild stingrays, crazy right? Yep! My role was to dive down, handle and feed them to come to the surface so tourists could touch their wings and learn about marine life. This chapter completely awakened my soul, truly connecting with the ocean and marine life in ways I had never even dreamed. I knew each of the 45 stingrays personalities and they each had names.
The downside of working in the ocean for 8 hours a day is that I started to notice abnormalities, I could see that the stingrays were being overfed by the 30 or so boats that came to the sandbar 4 times a day with new tourists, causing them to depend on humans for food, I could see plastic cups flying overboard and more so I could see rubbish in the ocean that was year’s old. How were humans being so disrespectful to something that was so beautiful? And how did I not even think about where our rubbish was going before? I couldn’t understand, and more so, I wanted it to stop. I came back home, did the whole degree thing, amongst some other wild chapters working with marine life, and it only made me more passionate for change.


I wanted a voice for sustainability, so I dived straight into the deep blue abyss and created a platform where people would learn and listen, which today is OceanZen Bikini.
Technology today is allowing change, and we as society are pushing to unreachable limits. The fabric we use is made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets from the ocean! Sound weird? Soon enough, this will be the norm. Repurposing waste into new products. Skateboards are being made from fishing nets. Leather can be made out of pineapple or mushroom skin. Our generation of newly created entrepreneurs are the CHANGE MAKERS, and we will change the world for the better.

If you are wanting to launch something that inspires change, that is environmentally or socially responsible, do it! Join the movement, and do it today. You have a whole community of change makers waiting to support your journey.

And if you are wanting to help make a positive impact on our environment, below are 3 small changes you can make to your daily lifestyle, small changes that can help make a BIG change.

1. Reduce or completely cut out your use of single use plastic; this means saying no to plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic straws etc. Every piece of plastic ever created still exists today, and as much as we would love to make an endless supply of bikinis out of water bottles (and fishing nets) from the ocean, we would much rather see a plastic-free ocean and world.

2. Go sustainable! Support ethical and sustainable businesses in all sectors.
Big corporations are major contributors to plastic packaging and do not often support ethical or sustainable businesses or manufacturing practices, which is a huge concern to not only our environment but to the communities producing too. Make the choice to support the organisations that are doing good for our environment.

3. Eat sustainably and responsibly
There are so many amazing documentaries out there that are full of WOW factor knowledge on the meat and fishing industry. Not saying become a vegan or vegetarian, that is completely your choice, more so a ‘part-time vegetarian’ if you will. Find out where your meat or seafood is coming from; was it factory farmed? Has your seafood been caught sustainably? Take note of how much meat you are consuming every week/day and re-assess if your eating meat sustainably.
Some of my favourite documentaries are ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘Earthlings’ (be prepared for this one though).


Support Steph’s Crowd Funding project here. X

Dreamstarter - cleancoastcollective

Going for it: By Parker Bradley

Monday // May 29 // 2017

parker bradley


Going for your dreams can be an incredible, exhilarating, sometimes scary, task. Community member Parker Bradley sat down to share with us his journey and give you 10 applicable tips on how you can take action and go for your dreams now.

Going for it: By Parker Bradley: 

Hi there, folks. Just another dreamer here: currently immersed in the process of realizing and pursuing a dream, with passion at the wheel, and fear trailing not too far behind. I am not another success story—yet. I am in the initial stages of realizing a dream, combing through the demands of life, searching for the time and energy to dedicate to pursuing a passion that envelops me. If you are reading this, I imagine you have a dream you wish to see through as well, and a passion that keeps you up at night, wakes you up in the morning, and manages to monopolize your thoughts as you live each day. Good for you! I’m right there with you. How wonderful it is! You have something unique to you that you would like to create and share with the world; that is an incredible feat. But as I have personally realized, it is quite the strenuous road. It’s a bit like driving down a beat up back road full of surprises: potholes, animal crossings , and plenty of, “slow down” signs. To put it simply, it’s rough; but once you gain the proper motivation and mindset, you find that you will be able to manage your way through.

I had spent months formulating and building the structure of my dream in my mind, and within the past few months, have taken those thoughts and ideas, and attempted to funnel them into existence. That is where I am now: the building process of a dream that has only previously existed in my mind. Here I am actually taking said dream and bringing it into the world to share with others. What a process it has been, and will be; one that requires consistent attention and motivation, as I teach myself how.  I know I am not alone; as there are many others out there who wish to do the same. Hence, why I am writing this. I want to share with you some tips and ideas that have helped me along this arduous process. Support and inspiration from others who have been through and are currently going through a similar adventure is vital in the art of creating. We can build off of the stories, struggles, and successes of others to motivate and teach each other how to progress forward along our journey to attain our ultimate goal: to create the life we want to live.

Let me start by saying this: we are all creative, and we all have the ability to do something brilliant with our lives, and/or give something unique and wonderful to this world. Creativity and ideas are not unique to a certain breed of human; it is something that is ingrained in all of us, just waiting to be acknowledged and brought to the surface. But this takes work. Everyone has their dream—their vision of an ideal life—but it does not come easy. The process is stocked full with obstacles and demands that try to pull us from our passion and distract our inspiration. Now it is up to us, the individual, to use our time wisely and channel consistent motivation in order to stay afloat along this journey. It is easy to become discouraged, and it is easy to become lazy, but we must not let ourselves get comfortable—the life we desire depends on it. We are accountable for our future, and we have the capacity to live the meaningful life we want. Now how do we direct that capacity into productive action?

Maybe this can help:

1. Tell yourself that you will not let your thoughts go unnoticed.

We are all daydreamers, and when we have that idea that we wish to bring into existence, it steals our sleep and consumes our time throughout each waking hour. We cannot ignore these thoughts! Let them in, interact with them, and let them reside in the front of your brain so you can see them clearly. Write them down, draw them out, and let the inspiration start flowing. Take the time to drive those thoughts through the pencil onto something permanent. It’s motivating to see your thoughts on paper anyway. That being said:

2. Keep a Journal!

The demands of life may currently be taking up your time, but if you have an idea for your dream, Write it down! We may not have time to crack this idea open at this very moment—we may be working, or waiting in line at the grocery store, or trying to sleep—so write it down and expand on it later when you have made the time in the day. That night or the next day, open your journal and expand on the idea, now that you have made the time.

I personally have a journal with me just about everywhere I go, and when I don’t, I make sure to keep notes on my phone. Inspiration can show up at any time, so come prepared. Don’t tell yourself that you will remember it later, because often times, you don’t. Write that thing down! There is nothing more frustrating than struggling to remember that great idea you had earlier, and ultimately losing it. Take the time to write it out: your future self will thank you.

3. Don’t distract yourself!

Now this is a big one. With how accessible social media is now, and the endless content that it provides, capable of stealing hours of our day, it is so easy to distract ourselves from our thoughts, which are imperative to the process of realizing a dream. It is difficult to interact with an idea or thought when we are scrolling through our social media feeds, consistently being presented with something that is yes, stimulating, but more importantly, distracting. I feel like I can speak for most of us when I say that I’ve caught myself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, and finally snapping out of it, realizing that I don’t remember anything from all that content I just absorbed. Now that is just 30 minutes of precious time wasted that could have been utilized for brainstorming or writing.

Don’t get me wrong, social media has its perks, and I do enjoy it, but when it becomes a time-filler, we have a problem. I used to think it was so difficult to find time to work towards a dream, but when I put the phone down, I found more and more time in my day. Maybe when you woke up and drank your coffee, you could have broke out that journal and interacted with some of your ideas. I find that this time spent in the morning motivates me early on in my day. It’s a good start when paired with a good cup of coffee! Now, have you ever been say, writing or drawing, or doing something you consider work towards your dream, and you hit a block? You can’t think of how to start the next sentence, or what to add, and you quickly pick up your phone? Me too. This is an important time for our brains to calculate our next move, to brainstorm. And we lose that by grabbing the phone! Let your brain work past the block; don’t distract it!

Of course there are plenty of ways to distract yourself, and at times, it is okay. We don’t have to be on our game and productive every second of every day. It is when our distractions become time-fillers; that is when we need to reconnect with our goals. We must be diligent to use our free time to keep our momentum going in the tedious process of creating the life we dream of.

4. Keep your phone close and your coffee closer.

  It’s inevitable: our phones will always be near us when we are doing our work. Whether on the table, or in our pocket, it will be there, waiting to be picked up, ready to distract us. Let’s see if you can relate to this situation: Say you hit a mental block when working on your idea; whether it be writing, drawing, etc. You take your hands off the keyboard, or put down the pencil, and what do you do? You reach for the phone, Like some of us, myself included, I get stuck on it, and wind up wasting valuable minutes scrolling through other people’s lives on some sort of social media. This goes back to topic of distraction. So here is my point: try putting something in between your work station and your phone. This may sound odd, but give yourself something else to grab. Put that cup of coffee in between you and your phone, and make it a point to grab it instead of your phone when you pause from your work. Or even better, keep that journal full of your ideas and thoughts next to you. If you find your creative mind stuck, grab your journal and read through some pages! What better way to get back to meaningful work than to skip through some of the content that inspired the work you are doing. Much more productive than seeing who checked in where with who on Facebook, right? Make this a habit: reach for something more productive than your phone in times of creative struggle. Pause, brainstorm, and get back to it.

5. Try Not to Force your Work:

Of course, when you have your dream identified, and your passion in your scope, put in the work, but never force it. Get yourself inspired, then pick up the pencil. Forced work is not your truest work. Do no force yourself to create; remind yourself why you are doing this work.

Example: I attempted to write my mission and vision statement for my company when I forced myself to sit down and write it. Yep, I got some words down. then left them for a few days. When I returned to them on a day where I was feeling inspired and ready to work, I deleted everything I had wrote and started completely over. There was no passion in my forced words; but when inspired, my passion was ingrained in the them, and you could feel it.

When you feel the desire or inspiration to work, work! Use that energy and motivation to create content that reflects your passion. These are the times when our work is in its purest form; do not waste it. We want to create something that changes our lives and/or the lives of others; it is important that we face it with all our heart and mind by channeling our energy and inspiration in a productive direction. Remember, the destination is much more satisfying (and successful) when you are present and aware during the journey, focusing on each step, acknowledging and appreciating the difficulty of the process. Meaningful lives are not easily achieved, but ever so satisfying when we acknowledge how hard we worked and the difficulties we overcame. So get inspired, stay focused, and go get it.

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